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Frances Brody, author of The Kate Shackleton Mysteries


'Take an ex-con chef with a wry sense of humour, a Chilterns village where shady shenanigans lead to murder and stir until the plot thickens. H V Coombs's intriguing recipe kept me turning the pages. Highly enjoyable.'

Trisha Ashley, author of The Little Teashop of Lost & Found


'An irresistibly mouth-watering mix of sleuthery and cooking'

Book Traveller


'A tasty cosy mystery with a murder dessert coming right up! A great story!'


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 Scarlett Brodie Blog


Just read a great book, A Taste of Death by HV Coombs. It’s hard to classify, cosy running to charming crime with a hint of grittiness maybe? Whatever it was, I found it hugely enjoyable and raced to the end.


Take one chef with a past and a passion for yoga and qigong trying to make a go of his new cafe in a small village. Add two murders, a cast of believable and well drawn villagers including two young sidekicks, a beautiful woman, an unlikely tarot card reader and a dissolute earl. Simmer for a while. The result is a confection of laugh out loud out moments with a very satisfactory twist which leaves you wanting more. Let’s hope HV Coombs obliges.