By melmoth23, Dec 8 2018 10:07PM

I've been taking a bit of time off from this blog, I have been busy a book set in 1930's Paris whichhas proved surprisingly distracting. Anyway, I was in Florence the other week for a few days, od'ing on Quattrocento crucifixions. Oddly, they had a Banksy exhibition there, which was predictably good fun and a welcome spot of light relief from religous themes.

By melmoth23, Jul 1 2018 10:08PM

I have spent hours adding a Spotify playlist for the songs mentioned in A Taste of Death. I am so in awe of people who can do tech-y things, computer nerds in general. I make periodic stabs at learning coding but it never gets very far ! Anyway, as far as I can gather, Wordpress totally supports Spotify whereas Moonfruit, which I use, will only let the blog visitor have a few seconds listen unless they have a Spotify account. Oh well !

By melmoth23, May 13 2018 10:41PM

I've been going to spinning classes, stationary bike riding rather than working with a loom. It has made a difference to the muscles in my legs (I can see and feel a difference) and the other day I went for a real bike ride to see if it felt any easier. Not a bit of it ! Damn !

By melmoth23, Mar 20 2018 11:38PM

I have just finished all the changes suggested by my editor on Murder on the Green. It's a very different book in many ways to how it was conceived, probably all the better for it.

Fingers crossed. I'll put a couple of sample chapters up on this website when I get the final draft back.

By melmoth23, Jan 30 2018 11:18PM

I am just on the last leg of the new Ben Hunter book, Murder on the Green. I have just finished going through the edits and done quite a lot of rewriting, hopefully to good effect.

I much prefer the jacket to the other one.