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HV Coombs was born in London and post university worked in TEFL for many years in the UK and abroad. With a wife working full-time in business, he re-trained as a Chef so he could combine a job with looking after his two children. He has cooked in a variety of places, hotels, Conference Centres, restaurants before becoming Sous Chef in an award-winning Gastro pub.

His interests include food, art, boxing, Tai Chi, eating out and dogs.

He says of  the book :

‘A Taste of Death is not just a story that will hopefully amuse and interest the reader. It is an attempt to give some insight as to what it feels like to work in the high pressure environment of the top end of the catering industry where cooking is not just a way of life but more important sometimes than life itself.’

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HVCoombs also writes crime under the name Alex Howard. Click here     for a link to his website

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My dog, Oscar, in his basket, in the kitchen by the looks of things, for some reason. He's a 12 year old rescue dog, a field spaniel of uncertain parentage. He is absolutely wonderful.


In the little public gardens in Old Amersham. It's very Trumpton & none the worse for that. At weekends they often have a brass band playing !

    The Catering World and Me


An article I wrote for Handwritten Girl website